Portable Vacuum Loaders

Featuring the rugged H-Lift and H-Lift Max.

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25 & 40 Hp
Vacuum Systems

Includes starter panel,
level switch, and
1.33 cubic yard hopper.

Filters so good, we
guarantee them for 3 years

Reclaim sand, cement,
and any fine powder.

Some Limitations Apply. Specs subject to change without notice.


vacuum loader
The H-Lift is reliable!
Dare to compare!  

H-Lift with maximum suction, triple filtering
system, and 40 cubic feet for material storage.

15 to 30 Hp, H-Lift Max up to 75 HP.
Vacuum to 16" Hg
Flow to 1400 ACFM
60 cubic feet integrated storage 

Quiet operation even at 15" Hg.



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