Vacuum Hose and Tools

Vacuum hose and tools including pre separators
for wet and dry application and special fittings.

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Complete line of VACUUM hose and tools and accessories. Designed for industrial duty and operator comfort and  safety  in  mind.


Pre-Separators and Collection Hoppers

Adapters and Special Fittings

Vacuum Hose

1.25" to 8" standard & grounded

1.5" Attachments

Operator Handles

Floor Tools

Overhead Tools

Hand Tools

2.0" Attachments

Operator Handles

Floor Tools

Overhead Tools (adapt down to 1-1/2")

Hand Tools

2.5"+ Attachments

2.5" to 8.0" handles and tools



 Available Downloads

Flexible working hose
Tubing, pipe and fittings for central vacuums
A full line of attachments

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